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     Biomedical Engineering

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BME595B: Biomolecular Engineering

BME595J: Molecular/Cellular Biomechanics



BME354: Cell/Tissue Behavior and Properties



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Joint Loading

(in vivo)


(in vitro)

Systems Biology

(in silico)

A joint-loading modality (loads applied to the knee, ankle, or elbow) is capable of promoting bone formation and accelerating healing of wounded bone.  We are investigating biophysical and molecular mechanisms underlying joint loading.


Fluid flow to osteoblasts cells, osteocyte cells & chondrocytes activates various molecular pathways and alter gene expression.  We are analyzing load-driven molecular pathways linked to cellular proliferation, differentiation, inflammation, and apoptosis.

Cis-acting regulatory DNA and RNA elements play a critical role in transcription, splicing, and translation.  We are interested in identifying various cis-acting elements in a genome scale using math models & computational simulations.

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